Sunday, September 20, 2009

I love my zoo

Chancey on left, Tooee on right

Chancey & Tooee on the couch

Oct 11th with Tooee (Tippy II) and Chancey Fancy Pants (2nd chance with Tippy)

That girl's got it made.

saying goodbye to Rainy Grace who became Gracie Mae. So fitting.

I love my zoo and my bird room. A lot of work but they give me lots of joy and love back.

Chancey & Kiki sleeping under my desk

3 pups under my desk. We have had people ask if Tooee was the mother of Chancey and Rainy Grace. She's only 3 months old. She's a baby too.

Last day with Rainy Grace before giving her to Pam and Mike. She has the most perfect personality. She plays and needs you.

Oct 11th and I still have color in my garden. Doesn't show as good on film.

Chancey & Gracie's mother

Chancey with breeder. At this time we weren't planning on taking him. They were calling him Winston. So glad the little stinker is ours.

Me & the new babies Oct 11th, 2009

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