Saturday, September 19, 2009

For Pam

Day 2: Both with Larry

I am backing off from giving them milk and rice cereal. We are going to water and canned dog food. I feed them Little Bites hard dog food a piece at a time. It's so big for them. Vet on Monday.

A lady from church has a friend who rescues pups every week. She said there is a product that kills fleas in 30 minutes. Because fleas kill puppies by sucking their blood and making them anemic. Big DUH. What a loss of 3 great pups from this litter due to fleas and filth. A bath could have saved them all. I am so thankful that these 2 are doing so good.

Chancey & Tooee asleep on my lap last night.

Rainy Grace beating up Big Chancey

Chancey winning this time

Chancey in a basket

Rainy on her back playing

Day 3, playing in their pen

Day 4 6 weeks old today. New flea baths after church. No fleas found! Feeding them cooked beef liver to pump up their iron levels because we know they have anemia due to the fleas. Soap and water could have saved 3 puppy's lives.

Chancey gets his bath.

Fighting and playing

Rainy Grace untied my shoe.

Siblings fighting

Rainy Grace

Outside with my impatiens

Gaining more energy by the day

Day 7 They were so happy when we got home from Walmart. Going crazy in the pen and I took them out by the flowers.

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