Saturday, October 24, 2009

Joy in the house...cute puppies

Chancey Fancy Pants with his Papa.
He's so cute. He looks like a stuffed toy.

Chancey & Larry
Tooee running and giving lovin'. She's very jealous.

Monday, October 19, 2009

For J-man and Jac Jac

Jaeden with my 3 pups running around.

Going to the pond, Jaeden, Jaclyn, Nicole, and pups

Jaeden has a pond question.

Kids n puppies


Jaeden wanted to talk, then didn't while on video. He was quiet. But he makes hysterical faces and I asked him to make a face. He is 5 now and in Kindergarten. Jaclyn turns 3 today. In Bloomington, my Marcus is 13 going on 30 and Lucas is 9 going on 18.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Next Day

WE FOUND JAMES' WEDDING RING! James lost it when he was climing out of the ravine and got to the top. Tonya & I searched and a sweet couple with a metal detector came. We were about to give up when Tonya hacked one last piece of grass and there is was. We had found his tracks as he climbed up the hill and Tonya searched and searched. But it was closer to the road then we had thought it would be. We screamed! Thank you Jesus. I needed to see a little miracle. They are always big ones to me though.

Oh, plus we found Tonya's bluetooth, James' good sunglasses, and the mirror of the Explorer.

The Jeep jack knifed on the Explorer as the roads were rain slick and cold. The Explorer flipped and went down the ravine on its top. The Jeep broke loose and spun around and went partially down the hill and it hit a tree with its tailgate. It's in good shape except the tailgate and some bent metal of the frame that holds the soft top. A tire was on the rim and they changed it last night and drove it home.

OH, background. Larry had set James' vehicles up with the ability to tow and we were going to leave at 630 this morning to 4 wheel at the Badlands and see Jer's family for Jaclyn's birthday. She turns 3 on Tuesday. Plans cancelled for now, but that's ok. We need to take more time to be grateful for a safe family.

This might show how steep this is.

The Explorer pooped out. Front tire is all out of whack and it won't start right now. Would make a great off road vehicle if it starts again. The term 'Moon Roof' takes on a whole new meaning. Darrell used his big Diesel truck and big trailer that Larry had made to tow it to James' house. Thanks, Darrell.

The Jeep is good except for the tailgate. Fixable or replaceable. Ebay anyone.......?????

What a good feeling to be cozy at home in the basement with Grandma Nana's puppies.

What the grandboys do.

Tonya teasing James that we were giving up the search for the ring. Actually, we had just found it.

Thankful James was not hurt

Last night James had just left our house. He was pulled his Jeep with his Explorer. Halfway home he hit a wet/slick spot and the Explorer flipped and he went down a ravine on its top. The Jeep broke away and flipped around and hit a tree in the back. I found my camera in my pocket after the vehicles were pulled out. The guys are changing the back tire and he was able to drive it home. The Explorer body is pretty beat up and the towed it away. The guys are checking now to see if it is driveable.

James had to get out of the seat belt upside down, kick the door open, and climb up the hill. He didn't have a scratch on him, bruise, or anything. We are thankful to Jesus for his protection.

We are thankful to all the help from the volunteer fire dept who spent their time helping us and to the State Police. Everyone was so nice. This shut down the Hwy to Bloomington for a while and they were all great.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall is here

Oct 11th. We had Homecoming today at our little country church, Mt Zion. What a wonderful day. A great sermon by our pastor in the morning and our previous pastor spoke in the afternoon. Laughter and tears at the same time.
I took a few pics of the pups afterwards. It was a cool, sunny Fall day in the 60's. That's called perfect weather.

Marcus had a string concert last Wed. This is his 3rd year and we are very proud of him. Bloomington has about 100K people and every school has this available and they all join in together for concerts. This is just his own Jr Hi here.