Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thankful James was not hurt

Last night James had just left our house. He was pulled his Jeep with his Explorer. Halfway home he hit a wet/slick spot and the Explorer flipped and he went down a ravine on its top. The Jeep broke away and flipped around and hit a tree in the back. I found my camera in my pocket after the vehicles were pulled out. The guys are changing the back tire and he was able to drive it home. The Explorer body is pretty beat up and the towed it away. The guys are checking now to see if it is driveable.

James had to get out of the seat belt upside down, kick the door open, and climb up the hill. He didn't have a scratch on him, bruise, or anything. We are thankful to Jesus for his protection.

We are thankful to all the help from the volunteer fire dept who spent their time helping us and to the State Police. Everyone was so nice. This shut down the Hwy to Bloomington for a while and they were all great.

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