Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Meet Tippy II

Meet Tippy II. I am planning on calling her Too-ee, like Beaver did one of his friends. But you can call her Tippy or Tipper, too. We got her in Linton and she is already healing some of our pain. This has been the hardest thing. I have cried since I woke up this morning, and I'm not a crier. Her color and her spunkiness remind me of Tippy but when I look at her face with its markings, there is no mistaking that she is Tooee, her own dog. I pray she helps ease our pain of losing Tippy.

We just brought her home. She is with Larry, Mija, our poodle, and Roxanne, our German Shepherd, at the end.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Tribute to My Tippy

Tipp's resting place

My Beautiful Tippany

Tippy's Flowers. My friend, Pam, sent these for Tippy. She has been through this too with the loss of her beloved Elvis last year. My friend, Bea, has been through this with the similar loss of her Samson. Connie had to put down her Katie about a month ago. And Rachel understands as she lost her beloved Boston Terrier like we lost Tippy. I am thankful for those who understand how a pet can grab your heart and you grieve for them so deeply.

My Bloved Tippy

Tippy was tragically killed last night. She was a one year old Chihuahua and had become our closest companion. All my dogs are good companions but there was something special about Tippy. She made us laugh. She was feistly. She always wanted to touch us, at least with one paw. She would ride in the car with us and sit behind our necks or lie that way on the couch behind us and touch us with one paw. She loved to burrow in the bed and be under the pillows. We loved her so much and we are devastated. She is buried under our willow trees at the pond. How I wish I could turn back the clock....

Tippy & Kiki the Kitten

Tippy and Mr Kitty

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Updated 8/12 VBS in Bloomfield, Greene Co, Indiana

Mt Zion Wesleyan Church in Bloomfield, under the water tower. Allen's Chapel and Mt. Calvary also had this VBS with us.

Pat & Larry on van pick up duty.

Mt Zion Wesleyan, Allen's Chapel and Mt Calvary churches went together this week, the first week of August to have Vacation Bible School. They are all sweet, small churches and we had a wonderful old fashioned VBS. Here are a few pics and videos.

Evan Fuller rings the bell. His Grandma, Loralyn McHenry is on the end of the clip.

Janice Hardesty opening up on Monday. Phoebe Fuller and Wanda Parker at the piano.

Janice Hardesty opening on Monday.
Jan Abrams leading the Cluck Cluck game.The younger kids having snacks. Helper Sandy Wilson, Phoebe Fuller, Beth Newkirk and the McHenrys.
Working ladies, Jessie Wiles, Jennifer Faultless (due for a new baby), Katrina Michael, Denise Andrews with her back to us, Kristie Pickard, and Sandy.
Beth Newkirk, our Crafty Lady
Dalton ringing the bell
Cameron & Gage
Whiffle ball
Girl Group
Gracie & Regan
Jacinda from Colorado
Janice at Crafts
Jessy Wiles


Phoebe leading singing

Rachel & kids

Mt Zion Sanctuary

Say Your Name

Kaelee and Dad



Jacinda and Taya

More whiffle ball